Mail Order Information

To place a mail order for the blowout, please follow the instructions below. Read all detailed information.


​Step 1. In the subject line of the email type: Blowout hair mail order

​Step 2. Type the length and quantity of the blowout hair that you want to purchase.

​Step 3. Next, in the body of your email, type your first and last name, full mailing address (including zip code)

Step 4.  Lastly, in your email, list your phone number include area code, and a valid email address.

​Once​​ the email is submitted, allow up to 24 hours for a reply to confirm that the hair is in stock and to confirm the total due with shipping to mail a post office money order

​***Post office money order is the only acceptable form of payment.

​***Do not mail the money order until you get a reply back from Glam Suite.

Payable To:

Glam Suite

​2800 Manhattan Blvd Suite 27

Harvey, La 70058

​All goods will be shipped through USPS (United States Postal Service) only. A flat rate shipping fee for 1 to 3 bundles only!

As mentioned above, the only form of payment is post office money order only.

​Goods will be shipped out within 72 hours of receiving payment. Once the order is shipped, a tracking will be emailed.

​All order will require a signature confirmation as well.

****USA shipping only, at this time.

​****No over night, or same day shipping.

​Blowout Texture Price List

​14" $140 

​16" $160 

18" $180  

​20" $200 

22" $220   Out Of Stock

24" $240

​If a particular length is not available, "Out of stock" will be listed.

​Natural looking textured hair that looks, and feel believable! Blowout  texture is created from virgin Indian hair that is uniquely textured to mimic African-American hair texture that is in its natural state (resembling natural hair blown out.)

​There is no other hair like this on the market, so don't be fooled!

​Blowout texture flat irons straight to blend well with relaxed hair as well, it holds curls very well after hot curling, and can be put on flexi rods and wand curled.

This hair comes in natural hair colors of medium brown -dark brown, so it can be dyed.

​Just like the real hair on the head goes through a shedding phase (which is very minimal) the blowout hair shedding is also very minimal.

The blowout texture weft hair can be reused for multiple installs.

Glam Suite clients have reused their same bundles getting 4-7 installs before needing, or wanting, to buy more hair.  

​Note to Clients:

​Clients getting their installs done at Glam Suite, can pay for the hair at the appointment. Just be sure to mention that you would like to purchase the hair when emailing  for an appointment to get further details.

Note to Public:

​Hair orders will be done by mail order only (no online orders at this time, sorry.)

Post office money order are the only acceptable form of payment.

​See the bottom of this page for more information.

Blowout Texture Lace Closure

$125 each (Small) 4 x 4"

$150 each (Large) 5 x 5"

**Closure is only available in 14" 

Blowout Texture Lace Frontal

$200 each ( Size 13 x 4")

**Frontal is only available in 16"

​Blowout Texture