Size: 2 oz bottle

After not being satisfied with many hair treatment products on the market, LaTonya decided to whip up batches of her own hair treatment products to use on both herself and her clients.

For a few years now, she has been mixing her handmade conditioner, leave in hair & scalp treatment, and hair growth oil using them exclusively on clients getting customized hair treatments at Glam Suite. The main purpose of these hair products are to use them prior to the weave install, and use them while wearing the install to keep the hair nourished and healthy while wearing the protective style hair  weave. 

However, the products can be used (when not wearing a weave) on natural as well.

So much can be said about these products, but the proof is in all the" real client" before & after hair photos shown. All photos shown on this website are actual clients of Glam Suite. 

After using these products with excellent results, LaTonya has decided to make the hand formulated growth oil available to other women looking to get their hair on track to healthy because healthy hair is a necessity, and weaves are optional.

All products are paraben-free, mineral oil-free, and petroleum-free.

For service prices for conditioning treatment services, or hair loss services click on the price list link under the navigation link.  Two different services are offered at Glam Suite

Conditioning Treatment Services: for damaged hair and hair that is breaking, but also to maintain healthy hair. 

Hair Loss Treatments: For Thinning and balding hair these treatments are used to stop thinning and facilitate hair growth.

***The leave in treatment, and conditioner products  are exclusive to getting treatment services at Glam Suite only.

However, the "Growth Oil" is sold to the public. Clients can also purchase for home hair care maintenance use,

This is the same client in the collage photos above. She has come a long way since her first appointment in 2015.
Glam Suite growth oil is filled with high quality natural ingredients  to promote hair growth.

NOTE: Please read disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

2 bottles $50 click below

          ​1 bottle $30 click below


This is the same client in all four photos. Her edges, and crown area has been restored!

​Note: The only product available for public, or client purchase is the growth oil only. This oil contains high quality ingredients to promote hair growth, and eliminate dry itchy scalp.

**Online, or by mail order only to the public. All orders placed, will be shipped out within 72 hours of receiving payment. Once order is shipped, a tracking number will be emailed.

For PayPal Orders:

Packages will be mailed  (and name addressed) to the shipping address of the PayPal account holder at the time the order was placed. For those paying by credit or debit card, with out creating a PayPal account, the name on the package will be addressed to the name of the credit card holder.

Shipping and billing address must match, or your order will not be processed.

For Mail Orders (USA Only)

Mail a post office money order, mail info below,  for the following, shipping is added into the price. Also include an email address  and clearly printed mailing address with your post office money order to receive tracking details.

1 bottle $38

2 bottles $60

****NOTE: Order two and save money off the second bottle!

(A $8 flat rate shipping fee is added into the price for 1 bottle, and $10 fee for 2 bottles of oil. USA orders only.)

Payable to: 

Glam Suite

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International Orders:


The shipping rate does not apply to international orders. For shipping price quote.

Same client in all four photos above. Her May 2015 before photos shows her hairs condition at her very first appointment. The 2016 photos shows her progress of being a consistent client coming for regular appointments for hair treatments at Glam Suite.

For more before & after "real client" hair photos, follow Glam Suite Salon on intagram , and like the Facebook business page.

Notice how the parting area has filled in. This client also use the growth oil for at home maintenance, applying it on her scalp under her weave install.

NOTE: Please read disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Glam Suite Disclaimer:

Although LaTonya has created exceptional products that have been working for her clients. However, be mindful, that results may vary with each individual. Being that LaTonya has a nursing background, when doing consultations with her clients about their previous hair practices, medical history, or family history of hair loss; she is aware of certain prescription medications that affect the hair, as well as health conditions and hereditary conditions of hair loss.

With that being said, anyone who is healthy and not on any known medications  to cause hair loss (or who does not have a family history of hair loss) should have good results with these hair products. As any medical diagnosis should always be done by a  primary healthcare provider. Hairstylist can not diagnose any forms of hair loss. Hairstylist can only treat hair that has been neglected by improper hair care, or damaged from heat abuse or hair chemical abuse; anything  outside of this realm (which was mentioned) you need to see a dermatologist to diagnose and treat you, don't let any hairstylist make you any promises that all alopecia cases will grow back. The photos shown on this website are actual clients. Their hair loss and hair thinning was attributed to improper hair care from previous hairstylist, or self neglect of ones own hair care, They did not have any health issues that lead to hair loss.

A real client of Glam Suite. Showing real hair growth progress using Glam Suite hair products.

More clients showing excellent results with Glam Suite hair products.

​Glam Suite Growth Oil

Glam Suite Growth Oil

A variety of the best essential oils, carrier oils, and vitamins (essential for hair growth) were used to formulate this oil. Glam Suite growth oil will help sooth dry scalp, reduce excessive shedding, and help stimulate hair growth. 

Don't let the 2oz size fool you, a little goes a long way with this oil. Focus on your problem areas when applying this oils. For example: your edges, or a thinning nape area, breakage in the crown area of the head.

Another real client , with real hair growth results using Glam Suite hair products.