​Relaxer retouch $100

​Virgin Relaxer $150 & Up

Nape spot relaxer $25

​Spot relaxer nape & sides $40

Natural Hair Services

Smoothing Treatment $150

***This allows natural hair to be flat ironed, and worn in straight hairstyles (or hot curled) without any worries about reversion or frizzing while the hair is in the straight (or hot curled) state. More details upon consultation.

Silk Press $60 (to shoulder length)

Silk Press $80 (3 inches below

shoulders to mid-back length)

***NOTE: Thick coarse hair, and hair longer than mid-back length, there will be an extra charge of $30 added to any of the above natural hair services.

​Hair Treatments

​Conditioning Treatment $25

​*Hair Loss Treatment $50 & Up​​​

(For the hair loss treatment, a definitive price is quoted upon consult for hair loss treatment which will vary per client upon the extent of the thinning and hair loss. A conditioning treatment is included in the cost of the hair loss treatment along with other products used to treat the nature of the thinning or hair loss.)

Hair Cuts

Razor cut (no style) $25

Dry cut (no style) $25

Trim $25

Hair Color

Semi-perm color $30 & Up

Permanent color (Black)$40 & Up

Hair Color on Weave

Ombr'e color $40 & Up

(Ombr'e brown, price per bundle)

Permanent color (Black) $40 & Up

(Price per bundle)

Hair Color on Weave Hair

Custom blondes $200 & Up

(definitive price given based on hair color. hair length and how many bundles being colored.

Custom Reds $200 & Up

(definitive price given based on hair length, and how many bundles being colored.

Custom Brown blends $200 & Up

(definitive price given based on hair colors, hair length, and how many bundles being colored.

Other Custom colors $200 & Up

​Styling is not included in any color hair services. Prices shown is for color services only.

Sew-in Weave Types & Prices

​​​$250 Regular Sew-in Weave

(Require 2 bundles of hair for the whole head.)

18" and longer may need additional bundles, also if a client has a larger head 3 or more bundles may be needed for a full install.

​NOTE: All clients with long hair, or extra thick hair will be charged an additional $50 in addition to the $250.

​Note: There is a $25 extra fee to install each additional bundle (3 and up.)

Takedown Fees

​***Takedowns up to 12 weeks $25

​***Takedowns 13 weeks & up $50

****Takedown (No Net) $50

***Takedown (No Net, crown net) $50

​$400 Micro-sew-in weave

​3-4 bundles of hair is needed for the weave install technique (all hair must be purchased from Glam suite.)

​The braid pattern is much smaller than the regular versatile install. Way less leave out hair , and a much flatter weave install.

​**Be mindful, the hairline (edges) on the real hair must be full and healthy, being that this will be the only leave out hair to make the install look natural.

***Micro sew-in takedown $50 

Weave Shampoo Appointments

$60 (hair 18" and under)

$70 (hair 20"- 26")

​$70 (lace closure S&S 18" and under)

$80 (lace closure S&S 20"-26")

​Hair 28" and over $20 extra added to the shampoo service.

$80 lace closure glued S&S

      (install 18" and under)

$90 lace closure glued S&S 

      (install 20" and up)

$300 Lace Frontal Weave Install

​The cost of the bundles, nor lace frontal is "NOT" included in the price.

The price is for the install only. The lace frontal and bundles must be purchased from Glam Suite. See the links for hair information.

​***Any client with really long hair (mid back or longer) it will be an additional $100 added to the install service price.

Lace Frontal Shampoo Maintenance

​$125 Lace adhesive can last up to 3 weeks (more info available at the appointment)

$150  Full lace wig application.

Wig must be purchased from Glam Suite.

​****Only servicing clients who had their weave installed at Glam Suite.