(Large closure is good for those who prefer a deeper part.)

Small Lace Closure        

​          $150  

​Large Lace Closure   


Lace Frontal  Piece


​Price List 

16" $150

18" $170

20" $190

​22" $200

24" $210 

26" $220 out of stock

​28" $230 out of stock

​Pure raw Indian hair. No two bundles are alike in pattern, nor texture.

This hair is reusable and can be colored.

​The natural hair color ranges from a natural brown to a darkest brown. Available in natural straight ( which has a slight wave pattern), and natural wavy (which varies from loose wavy to  very wavy.)

​NOTE:  The cost of the lace frontal, and lace closure, does not include the price of the install, see the price list page for install prices. Any client wanting a lace frontal, or lace closure install, must purchase all hair from Glam Suite (meaning the lace frontal and bundles.)

​A minimum of two bundles are needed for a lace frontal install.