Glam  Suite beauty salon is an appointment only salon (No double booking, No waiting hours before your service is started.)

Please read over all page links on this website, most questions can be answered on here. Click on the menu link to view Glam Suite hair products.

Offering different weave install techniques. Just scroll through the links on the left and click the price list/ weave services link.

Also, click on the "Hair growth Treatment Products" link to get handmade hair products from Glam

suite, and to see real before and after (photo)results of real clients.

ADVANCE NOTICE: Do not bring kids, friends or family members to any scheduled appointment. Only the client receiving service will be allowed in the beauty salon. Anyone else will be asked to sit outside in the hallway seating area.

***Only accepting new clients for hair weave services only.

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Glam Suite is no longer using the domain The beauty salon is still in the same location. Only thing chage is the domain name. will also be added to LaTonya's social media salon pages: Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Periscope, and Snapchat. 

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